Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m a doodler, a whimsy seeker, forever searching for my next creative adventure. I’m happiest at home with a warm mug of tea doing something with my hands. Currently, you’re most likely to find me hunched over my kitchen table trying to learn calligraphy, but in the past I’ve been also known to doodle and knit. There was an era of pop-up card making, which took a level of planning and precision that was not conducive to music induced head bobbing, but who knows. Perhaps I’ll realize some laser-like level of focus and get back to it.

Hundred Moon is simply my outlet to share my whims with the world at large. Its name was pure happenstance. Once upon a time I found my way to one of those magical phrase generators and this was the first pair of words I was served. It seemed too fortuitous to try again, so I didn’t tempt fate. I quickly closed the page, thanked my lucky stars, and rolled with it as my online moniker.

Anything else you’d like to know? Give me a shout out.